Custom Commissions and Purchases


Custom Commissions

During the initial meeting I will gather enough information to get started. (Size, design concept, budget...) I can then produce rough sketches and ideas and give you a preliminary ballpark quote. If possible I can visit your site to get an idea of the style, colors and application desired. Otherwise communication via email, photos, and mail work well for relaying designs, site requirements and glass samples.

The next step would be refining the concept to a final full scale design and selecting materials. I can then give an exact price quote and begin construction. My payment schedule is 10% down (design fee), 50% due upon client approval of final design, and the remaining 40% due upon completion.


Constructing a stained glass piece is a long process. Pricing is widely varied and depends on several factors including design time, complexity of the design , size, materials chosen, framing and other special considerations. Pricing can be anywhere from $75 per square foot up to (and beyond) $900 per square foot. Please contact me for more specific pricing information.


Stained glass panels can be free hanging or installed into an existing space, or incorporated into a building project. Art glass pieces can also be made into insulated triple pane units for exterior doors or windows. If the panel does not need any special installation requirements, they are usually finished in a metal or wood frame, with hooks and chain, ready to hang. Other stained glass applications are cabinet doors, sidelights and transoms, fireplace screens, privacy screens, lamps and light shades, and room dividers.


I will sometimes help with simple hangings, but ultimately the client is responsible for installations. I will inform you of what will be required before building the project, and may be able to refer you to the appropriate contractor, carpenter or handyman if needed.


I construct a sturdy crate of bubble wrap, 4" foam board, and plywood for each piece needing shipped. The client is responsible for crating and insured shipping costs. I can give you a crating and shipping estimate before building the project.


Please contact me to purchase or order. I accept payments by mail, or Credit Cards through Paypal. (You do not need a paypal account to use your credit card).