About Bridget Brunner


Being born and raised in Alaska, I feel fortunate to live a lifestyle that allows me to be constantly inspired by my surroundings.

My appreciation for nature is directly reflected in my stained glass works of art. A hike thru the tundra of mosses , lichens and berries evolves into an abstract stained glass pattern of texture, harmonizing colors and softly flowing lines....An exhilarating ski adventure in the mountains unfolds into the next days glass design.

After dabbling in many art forms, I have found stained glass to be a perfect medium for me to express this. Stained glass allows me to combine the elements of the artist with the skills and precision of a fine craftsman. I love the vibrant interplay of light and color and its ability to brighten any space, and I enjoy collaborating with clients to create a perfect compliment to their architecture and style.

I now spend time between my two beautiful homes and studios; On Thompson pass near Valdez, Alaska and San Juan Islands in Washington state.