"Coloring outside the lines is a fine art"

Each of my unique stained glass pieces has been custom designed and then handcrafted in my studio. I often incorporate other elements such as metal, wood, stone and etching. The pieces you see here are just a small sampling of my work. Some of the pieces you will see on this website are for sale, some are sold. I can do a replication or variation of most designs you see here, scaled to any size.

You can also commission a custom designed piece. I can work from photos or sketches, or just a general idea of style and color. Adding the vibrant light and color of stained glass will enhance any home or workspace. Please contact me to discuss the many possibilities.

Bridget Brunner

Where to View

There are always more pieces in the works, so keep in touch to see what's new! I always have a rotating dispay at The Bake Shop in Girdwood, Alaska so stop in for a bowl of soup and view my new pieces for sale!

Come back to this website once in a while, as new photos will be added occasionally.